The dismissal of an Employee

Having to fire people is always ugly. Dismissing someone means breaking a professional relationship and leaving the person in a tormented situation.

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The dismissal manifests the worst feelings that human beings have: fear, rejection, failure and humiliation. Given that, the managers responsible for firing can perform the act in a way that softens the blow. As someone very wise told me, “the dismissal is already ugly, but the way you communicate it does not have to be.” 


When starting to think about the difficult conversation that has to occur when making the decision to separate an employee from the business, we must first take into account the context of the dismissal. If the person leaves due to low performance, the news of their separation should not come as a surprise.


If someone does not give up, there should be a formal feedback process in which the person recognizes their underperformance and is allowed to take corrective action in the areas where they fail. In the best cases the notice comes in written form. The manager and the person develop a plan together. When possible, it is important to have KPIs (key performance indicators) or metrics that show whether the person is complying with the plan or not.


In case the person does not reach the established goals, the conversation of their departure must begin before the official notification. In this way the person has time to prepare their departure. In many cases, a person who is aware of not meeting their objectives takes proactive measures to find new employment, because few are the people who can be happy to not meet their objectives.


In these cases when the difficult conversation arrives, it is important to differentiate if the failure was the result of lack of effort or something else: many times the person fails because their skills are not suitable for the job indicated: keep a person in a position that does not favor Their strengths are to hurt the person, since their strengths are the raw material of their success in the long term. It is important to emphasize that the person should look for opportunities that are complementary to their strengths, since it is the safest route to professional success.

How to have perfect abs in two weeks

In 15 days you go on vacation? Have you noticed that your best friend marries in June? Do you want to look good to wear tops in the summer? Some may think that it is already a little late to have a flat and marked belly, but that is not true. Check out this emergency plan on how to have perfect abs in two weeks. Find out more in the next article. if you wanna do a perfect body and perfect health you can visit this page cabusinessdefense.

If you think it is impossible to have a well-marked abs within two weeks, you’d better start training right now. Your belly can look as if you had spent the last six months in the gym (something that would have come to you wonders, but you always found the perfect excuse to postpone it) with just two weeks of hard training.

You have to be well determined and committed to meet the goal in the stipulated time. Also follow to the letter the routine that we propose in this article. In a few days, the results will be more than obvious.

Let’s start with food, more than important in your life not only to have a flat stomach, but to feel good and not get sick. Since the waist and abdomen are two areas where you usually accumulate a lot of fat for what you eat, it is good to pay attention to your diet from now on. An example of a day’s feeding could be:

Fasting: Choose between a glass of cranberry juice, a cup of warm green tea, the juice of a lemon or a juice of Goji berries.
Breakfast: Allow half an hour to pass from the intake of the previous drink and then, yes, breakfast. You can choose between a plate of papaya with a cup of oatmeal or a plate of pineapple with a cereal bar (without chocolate).
Mid morning: You can eat a banana, an orange or an apple. If you have some time, prepare a smoothie with a carrot and a branch of celery.
Lunch: It is allowed a hot dish (it can be defatted soup or a stew without meats, for example) accompanied with a salad of raw vegetables. Then, when finished, a cup of green, red or horehound tea.
Snack: Drink a natural fruit juice of your choice (you can combine several according to your taste). If you have a lot of appetite, opt for a cereal bar or an unpeeled apple.
Dinner: Eat a bowl of soup or broth, half baked potato with a little olive oil and a cup of oatmeal with almond milk or birdseed.
Before sleeping: Two apples, which will help you to purify your body and not to be hungry during the night.

Therapy To Deal With Fame

British actress Daisy Ridley became famous after her appearance in the movie Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force, in 2015, so she suddenly had to face the pressure of fame. “Star Wars took me to therapy,” the actress, 25, confessed in an interview with the English newspaper The Telegraph, in which she said that last year she sought psychological help for a period of six months.

Your health can be severely affected by so much stress and the persecution of the paparazzi If you feel like this you can visit this page for advice mini-conf.

“Everything was very confusing, people recognized me and I still do not know how to deal with it, my skin could be fatal because of my nerves, I was devastated, I felt continually observed and self-conscious,” she said. When Ridley got the role of King in 2014 she was a complete stranger on the Internet. After confirming his participation in the most important franchise in the history of cinema, it was evident that it would be one of the most recognized faces on the planet. The insistence of the fans with her reached such a point that many of them stayed in the doorway to get autographs. Her mother was a crucial support in those moments, when after those episodes of harassment she called her with “tears of hysteria” because “she was not prepared to endure that”. Finally, she ended up going to therapy: “I felt tiny because I was obsessed with being recognized, I want to dance for life, not sneak away”. He also received advice from the cast. In fact, Carrie Fisher, who died last December, told her once to never talk about her love life, since it would be very complicated to have a relationship as a Star Wars star. “Do not give anyone the opportunity to say: I slept with Princess Leia,” he said in confidence and Ridley takes it to the letter. He never talks about his romances. In addition, Ridley said he suffered from harassment in the networks, so he decided to remove his accounts on Instagram and Twitter. “Suddenly I thought: ‘In what world do we live that what is said online affects us so much?’. My confidence was greatly damaged, “he explained.


Some celebrities can not stand it as well as others


Days before his sudden death, actor Cory Monteith had spoken openly about his drug problem, which ultimately led to his death; but the Glee star also had other battles.

According to People magazine, Cory had problems dealing with the fame acquired through the program:

“Fame was difficult for him, it was something he knew he deserved, but somehow, he never knew how to deal with it,” said a friend.

Another problem that also comes with fame was the lifestyle, which Cory had to adapt to socialize with his castmates:

“They worked hard and feasted too much. They took advantage of his fame. “

¿Puede trabajar si tengo diabetes?

Esta es la pregunta que Aidan envió al Consejo de Diabetes la semana pasada: ¿Puede trabajar si tiene diabetes? para mas informacion de la diabetes pueddes consultar esta pagina greenpointcoworking.

Antes de continuar con este artículo, quería hacerle saber que hemos investigado y compilado formas respaldadas por la ciencia para mantener su dieta y revertir su diabetes. ¿Quieres ver nuestros conocimientos?

Por supuesto que puede trabajar si tiene diabetes, ¿o sí?

Aparentemente esta es una pregunta simple, pero hay tres respuestas:


Tal vez, puedes trabajar si tienes diabetes peleando contra el sistema

Carreras que no puedes tener con diabetes

Hay algunas carreras que le impiden trabajar como una persona con diabetes. Estas carreras no están abiertas para las personas con diabetes que están tomando insulina. Por ejemplo, si tiene diabetes tipo 1, no puede pilotear un avión comercialmente en los Estados Unidos, sin importar cuán bien controlada esté su diabetes. La FAA actualmente no lo permitirá.


Sin embargo, si desea pilotear un avión en Canadá o el Reino Unido, existen regulaciones establecidas que permiten a las personas con diabetes tipo 1 que tienen buen control de su diabetes pilotar un avión comercialmente.


Hemos analizado muchas carreras diferentes en The Diabetes Council. Hemos analizado si puede o no estar en el ejército con diabetes, ser un bombero o un agente del orden público con diabetes, astronauta, trabajar como EMT / paramédico, conductor de camión de larga distancia o ser un piloto con diabetes. Pronto, veremos si puede o no ser un asistente de vuelo con diabetes.


carreras que no puedes tener con diabetes


Lea los artículos anteriores para conocer las características específicas del trabajo en estas carreras con diabetes y qué tipo de reglas y regulaciones debe seguir.


Las carreras que hemos analizado hasta ahora tienen ciertas reglas y regulaciones que se aplican a las personas con diabetes. Estas reglas y regulaciones se implementan para garantizar la seguridad del empleado con diabetes y también la seguridad del público en general. Por ejemplo, un piloto con diabetes mal controlada que tiene un nivel bajo de azúcar en la sangre podría estrellar un avión y matar a cientos de personas.

Hay otros trabajos donde la seguridad puede ser un problema. ¿Qué pasa con los trabajadores de cambio de planta que trabajan con maquinaria pesada y trabajan largas horas con pocos descansos? Puede trabajar en estos trabajos si tiene diabetes, pero puede encontrarse con algunos problemas de discriminación y de seguridad.


Necesita saber que tiene la Ley de Estadounidenses con Discapacidades (ADA) detrás de usted. Hay una gran cantidad de información sobre cuestiones de discriminación relacionadas con la diabetes en el sitio web de la Asociación Estadounidense de Diabetes para su investigación.


Cómo ser famoso en Internet con la ayuda de las redes sociales

Fue solo en la última media década que las marcas comenzaron a usar Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr e Instagram ampliamente como un método de autopromoción. Y realmente, la única razón por la que lo hacen mejor de lo que crees que puedes es la cantidad de dinero invertida en publicidad. En una escala más pequeña, usted también puede promocionarlo a usted y a su marca en las redes sociales. Con mucho tiempo y paciencia, aquí están nuestros consejos sobre cómo convertirse en famoso en Internet countmeinblog.

Mantener la consistencia de la marca

malabarismos en los medios sociales ¿Alguna vez se topa con personas que dicen que nunca estarán en Facebook, pero Twitter está bien en su libro? Son fanáticos como estos que te obligan a estar disponible en todas las formas de redes sociales para que la multitud pueda seleccionar su (s) método (s) de seguimiento. Lo importante es recordar que, aunque cada red social cuenta con una forma diferente de compartir e interactuar, debe mantener la coherencia de la marca. Asegúrese de que la apariencia y el nombre no cambien en las redes para que sean reconocibles, y publique enlaces similares en cada red. No querrás sentirte como si estuvieras escatimando con los fanáticos de Facebook, sino con más seguidores de Instagram. Amo a todos por igual.

Siempre participa

Una de las principales razones por las que Facebook y Twitter se volvieron tan populares como una forma de acercamiento para los fanáticos es la capacidad de interactuar directamente con las marcas. Es genial saber que puedes tuitear JetBlue y que es probable que alguien regrese y responda tus preguntas e inquietudes, en 140 caracteres o menos.

Si bien es posible que no atraiga muchas preguntas al azar, a veces es su trabajo hacer preguntas usted mismo. Incluso algo tan simple como preguntar lo que tus seguidores están comiendo durante el almuerzo y retuitear las mejores respuestas hará que los fanáticos sientan que están siendo comprometidos y valorados por sus respuestas. Si estás en Tumblr, habilita la función Ask para que los fanáticos puedan enviar consultas directas para que puedas responder a otras mentes inquisitivas.

Recuerde: simplemente no active el retweeting feliz en cada respuesta que reciba o sus seguidores pensarán que están recibiendo spam. Siempre puede simplemente Favorito o Me gusta una respuesta. No olvides agradecer a un fan cuando se acerquen a ti, ya sea por crítica o elogio.

Se agradable

cómo ser retweets en redes sociales famosas de Internet Lo peor de los anuncios publicitarios y las promociones es cuando sabes que el truco solo se trata de publicidad y promoción. Entre las publicaciones sobre el último blog que publicó o el producto que está ofreciendo, analice los eventos actuales relevantes para usted con sus seguidores. No solo será útil para las personas interesadas en lo que tiene que decir, sino que lo ayudará a convertirse en una fuente de información para nuevas personas que comparten sus intereses.

Revise sus publicaciones y asegúrese de que se vean profesionales y enlace a las páginas correctas. No querrás salir como un aficionado al escribir mal una palabra y tener que retwittear una publicación, o vincular a tus fanáticos a una foto de LOLcat cuando quisieras enviarlos a una historia interesante que encontraste en Reddit. Un error gracioso puede generar algunos rumores, pero no del tipo que desee.


Cómo Equilibrar Un Trabajo y Estudiar

El costo de la vida sigue aumentando para los estudiantes en el Reino Unido. Y dado que las subvenciones se han cancelado, los préstamos no se extienden lo suficiente y no todos los estudiantes pueden (o ¡lo desean!) Confiar en sus padres para obtener apoyo financiero, asumiendo un trabajo a tiempo parcial mientras estudian para un título es la norma en estos días . Para tener consejos de como  mejorar tu vida puedes revisar esta pagina de internet loveandrespect.


Nuestra encuesta de dinero de este año reveló que 2 de cada 3 estudiantes en el Reino Unido están trabajando un trabajo a tiempo parcial para complementar su préstamo estudiantil, y el 34% dijo que no tener suficiente dinero para poder sobrevivir afectaba negativamente sus calificaciones en la universidad.


Pero la perspectiva de hacer malabares con un trabajo a tiempo parcial en la universidad puede ser desalentador para algunos, especialmente porque muchos cursos y universidades desaconsejan. Pero en nuestro clima actual, dedicar cada hora libre a la biblioteca simplemente no es posible para la mayoría de los estudiantes, así que lo mejor que podemos hacer es encontrar la manera de lograr el equilibrio.


El objetivo de esta guía es ayudarlo a calcular cómo puede realizar un trabajo a tiempo parcial para pagar las facturas, mientras sigue apuntándose a la mejor calificación de la universidad. ¡Puede hacerlo!


Primero trabaja si realmente necesitas un trabajo


Estamos seguros de que probablemente haya pasado esta etapa por ahora si está leyendo este artículo, pero independientemente de que todavía valga la pena preguntarse: en el esquema más grandioso, ¿realmente necesito un trabajo?


Para la mayoría de nosotros, la respuesta a esto será un rotundo ‘sí’. particularmente dado que los préstamos de mantenimiento apenas cubren el alquiler en estos días, sin importar los costos de vida.


Sin embargo, para algunos estudiantes más afortunados, obtener un trabajo a tiempo parcial puede ser más complicado de lo que vale, especialmente si su curso implica una gran carga de trabajo.


La clave es primero calcular un presupuesto mensual (y tenemos una gran guía sobre cómo hacer eso aquí): Mire de cerca todas sus entradas y salidas, y establezca exactamente cuánto está corto por cada mes, en todo caso.


Ser productivo es el primer paso para tener éxito.

Entonces, si realmente deseas el éxito, debes comenzar trabajando para convertirte en una persona más productiva. Si quieres ser una mejor persona como todo el mundo entonces puedes acceder a esta pagina por mas consejos prop31facts sobre como desarrollarte personalmente.


Estos son los 4 métodos de productividad que encontré realmente útiles y espero que te ayuden también.

NO haga multitareas

La multitarea es el asesino absoluto de la productividad. La gente piensa que si pueden hacer 2 o 3 cosas a la vez, en realidad están haciendo las cosas más rápido. INCORRECTO.


La productividad es la cantidad de producción por unidad de entrada. Por lo tanto, normalmente cuando te centras en una tarea, es bastante sencillo que una unidad sea igual a una unidad. Pero cuando haces varias tareas al mismo tiempo, es como poner 1 unidad y dividir el resultado entre la cantidad de tareas que realizas y dar esa salida a una sola tarea.


Así que al final no solo creas presión mental sino que terminas sin hacer ningún trabajo.

El sueño es rey

El sueño es la función más importante de la vida y juega un papel clave en todo lo que hacemos. Entonces, si eres capaz de dominar tu sueño, puedes dominar tu vida. Intenta dormir temprano y despierta incluso antes. También trate de encontrar esa cantidad óptima de descanso, donde no solo experimente la cantidad sino la calidad del sueño.


La diferencia entre levantarse a las cinco y siete de la mañana, durante cuarenta años, suponiendo que un hombre se vaya a la cama a la misma hora de la noche, es casi equivalente a la suma de 3 años a la vida de un hombre. – Philip Doddridge

Otra ventaja de ajustar su ciclo de sueño es que puede agregar fácilmente de 3 a 4 horas a su día; esto automáticamente te hace más productivo ya que puedes hacer más cosas.

Un fragmento a la vez

Las personas sienten que si establecen grandes objetivos obtendrán más logros. La realidad es que solo están perdiendo el tiempo. Los grandes objetivos solo te hacen sentir agobiado y estresado. No te ayudan a hacer más cosas y, en cambio, a la inversa, realmente disminuyen tu productividad.


Esta es la razón por la cual siempre debes tratar de dividir tus grandes proyectos o metas en trozos manejables más pequeños. Estos pequeños trozos le permiten enfocarse en una parte del gran objetivo a la vez y realizar el trabajo estructuralmente. Esto también hace que el gran objetivo parezca menos intimidante y hace que el proceso casi libre de estrés


Cómo Cuidarte En Temporadas Del Mundial?

Tu seguridad es lo más importante que tienes después de la salud, y con todo este furor es muy normal que se sienta muy festivo el ambiente y eso muy bueno, pero a veces la celebración llega a un extremo que hace que salir a la calle se vuelva un asunto de vida o muerte, porque decimos esto? Bueno, todos estan borrachos, creo que mas que nada es la borrachera masiva que se pone la gente el dia que gana su partida un aspecto más para no salir en esos días.

Si quieres más información de desarrollo personal y como cuidarte a ti y a tu familia te recomendamos esta página  risealarm.

Aquí abajo métodos para cuidarte en días de mundial

No estes cerca de las calles  avenidas ma famosas de tu ciudad.

Aunque esto sea un poco exagerado puede que tengamos mucha razón por la experiencias que ocurrió hace unos días en la ciudad de Rusia. Fue captado por una cámara de seguridad el momento en el que un taxi se volvió loco y atropelló a 10 personas que estaban caminando amigablemente en la banqueta, bueno, este hombre salió ileso y justo después del acontecimiento salió corriendo del taxi pero los que acompañaban a los afectados lo persiguieron y lo agarraron a golpes, aquí vemos claramente cuando una celebración puede convertirse en una tragedia.

No demuestra públicamente tu apoyo a un equipo contrario a la mayoría.

En todas parte están esas personas que no solo son fanáticos del fútbol sino lunaticos del fútbol si tus amigos son locos del deporte y su mundo gira alrededor de si gana o pierde su equipo de fútbol. entonces mejor no te busque problemas y defiendas un equipo rival o si no colmaras su escasa paciencia y es probable que te suelten un buen golpe. Consejo: No te metas con el enemigo.


Es Caro Ir Al Mundial?

Es normal que los realmente aficionados hayan apartado sus boletos desde hace más de 2 años y que estés esperando desde hace 4, ahora con todo este furor de afición y patriotismo que se siente en todos los países que están teniendo su participación o su primer partido en un mundial, como sea, todo el mundo está emocionado pero, cuánto cuesta realmente ir al mundial? Con esta página de internet festaeuropa estarás más al tanto de todas la novedades de viajes alrededor del mundo

A continuación una desglose de precios suponiendo que tus gastos vayan a ser en pesos mexicanos y vayas a salir de México:

Boletos de avion

Este es uno de los factores más decisivos de que una persona vaya o no al mundial, a veces simplemente no hay recursos y que se le puede hacer? Recomendamos no pedir préstamos en estos tiempos de tanta incertidumbre económica en el país, un día tienes dinero y en el otro debes un millón de pesos! Pero bueno, no nos desviemos del punto. En época de verano y por ser sede  del Mundial encuentras vuelos de la Ciudad de México a Rusia por más de 39 mil pesos, aunque puede sonar una cantidad muy injusta, no lo es, por eso no hubieras dejado todo hasta el último y hubieras comprado tus boletos hace 4 años jaja

Boletos de los partidos

Si eres de los que dejan todo hasta el último y crees que vas a conseguir afuera del estadio boletos para entrar, entonces estás bien equivocado, pero si es que hay y eres de altos recursos entonces vas a encontrar boletos desde 1000 dolares y si ven en tu cara una sincera desesperación entonces te cobraran el doble


Todos los alrededores están ocupados por turistas ricos o previsores pero si tu estas en este post para encontrar un poco de esperanza entonces te alegrará saber que en Rusia ya cuentan con bellos y baratos hostales, pero aquí no tenemos ningun metodo de contacto, asi que tendras que investigar por tu cuenta.


How to have a flat Tommy

This is largely due to misleading advertising on television that advertises all kinds of devices to reduce abdomen or creams miraculous where it is implied that only using these methods will achieve a flat and defined belly without effort and quickly. Go to this website for more tips on how to get it right in the pictures and have more style: lovesylviaphoto.

But unfortunately, this is not true at all for several reasons, since the main reason why people do not have a flat abdomen, is simply due to overweight since the abdomen is one of the first areas in which it accumulates grease. So far this is easy to understand.

The problem arises with the promotion of various methods to reduce that fat accumulated in the abdomen, which is abused by ignorance of people to try to sell a series of products practically useless to reduce abdominal fat.

The reason why this series of supposedly miraculous products do not work is that localized fat cannot be eliminated, at least in a significant way, it is a myth and no matter what advertising promises, it is a lie.


Therefore, once it is clear that localized fat cannot be eliminated in a significant way, it is when doubts arise about how to get a flat and marked abdomen.

But the truth is that having a flat stomach is relatively simple, but eye when we say simply we mean that anyone with some effort can achieve it, since you only have to follow the steps that we detail a little below, with constancy any man or woman can get it.

The real problem arises when you want to have a marked abdomen since genetic factors are involved. There are people who only achieve a normal weight will have a good tablet with a well-defined abdomen, but there are others who, in order to achieve defined abs, should achieve a very low percentage of body fat, assuming an unaffordable effort for people. They do not like the world of sports.

How to make your partner fall in love with you again?

Are you in a worn relationship? If you feel that he is no longer in love with you and you want him back as before, there are some things you should know to make your partner fall in love with you again. Let’s see what they are together. love is temporary and sometimes you have to admit that it did not work, but with a little more style in your life everything can be better, look at this website and find out how to be more elegant bluepearls.


There comes a time when every marriage or stable relationship seems worn out or stagnant in the routine. You know you love him, but you think that he changed or that he is only with you because of habit, love and responsibilities.


Knowing how to recognize this situation is important, but it is even more necessary to do something immediately to recover your love.


Recognize the good things

Many husbands or couples like to be recognized for what they do. In the routine, you may no longer flatter it or realize the good things it does for you, for the house or for the family. Remind him how important his help is for you and never stop praising him.


Stop scolding him

It is one of the most common reasons why men begin to move away. If you are scolding your partner for everything, he will see you more as a mother than as a sensual woman.


Benefits communication

Communication is essential in every couple, and I encourage you to say that it is almost vital if you want a successful relationship. Create intimate spaces to talk, to count things, from the most trivial of the day to day to the deepest feelings.


It propitiates the memory

Just look at a photo album together, or the box of memories, you can remember happy times together. Talk about what made them fall in love with each other, what they did on the first date, when they decided to take a step forward in the relationship, in short, of the best moments together.


Invite him to an appointment

You can choose two types of places, one that did not go long ago and that you used to love, or a new place to know. They can also plan appointments at home. Do not forget to fix yourself for him!


Relive the passion

Undoubtedly, one of the best things you can do to fall in love with your man and recover the spark is to show him that you still need him in privacy and that you are still sensual and have a lot to give.


Watch movies together, dance, sing …

Come back to have fun together! You only have to make me see again in you that woman who fell in love with him. He has to know that she is still there, intact and willing to love him forever.


How To Make Your Husband Love You More

Some women live self-deceived, thinking that the man they live with really loves them, they spend their marital relationship full of suffering, they endure psychological and physical abuse. They believe that this is true love, they think they have to stay with him until death separates them. Sometimes husbands do not love wives as they used to because they do not care anymore and they look ugly as the years go by, if you want to be more attractive for men visit this site evolstyle.


These women believe they live happily, since they have not known a decent treatment from their partners. However, marital relationships are not perfect and that is not why you should think that man does not love them.


Remember that all people who have a marriage experience difficulties during their relationship. Many women make the mistake of destroying their own relationships, with certain behaviors and attitudes that get away from the couple, because they are unable to recognize their mistakes, do not know how to forgive, have little tolerance and can not express their needs assertively .


Read also: Four sentences to cut the arguments as a couple Would you say them?


Therefore, their men end up abandoning them, even becoming infidels. Infidelity and abandonment are concepts that are not far apart, although it is an individual decision that many women favor with certain behaviors that happen.


However, all women who want to have a stable and lasting relationship, full of love for their partner, should know the things that will keep their man in love.


Take note of the following actions:


  1. Respect


An example that is lived today is when couples instead of living together and offering quality time when they are together, they spend connected with their mobile devices, without realizing that this attitude is disrespectful; shows disinterest towards the couple. The concept of respect is so broad that it can be summarized as the lack of tolerance towards the couple in terms of their differences of opinion, beliefs and customs. When a woman manages to respect her safe man, she will love her for her whole life.


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  1. Listen


Many women believe they know their partner’s needs perfectly. However, hearing is not the same as listening. Do you think you can know the moods of your partner? Will you know what you are really thinking? Knowing how to listen to the couple is a powerful weapon to keep a man in love.


  1. Avoid being “the sufferer”


Women who act most of the time complaining about their lives, do not realize that they are distancing their partner. They project unhappiness, sadness, frustration and displeasure. Who will be able to stay with a person with that attitude?


Focus on the good things that your day to day and forget the thoughts that destroy you both physically and emotionally, so that your partner will be infected with your happiness and will love you forever.


Ariana Grande And Her Boyfriend

The singer Ariana Grande went through their social networks to meet the rumors that had been circulating for some time and confirm that his relationship with rapper Mac Miller had come to an end. At that time the young woman was flattered in praise of her former assuring that she was still among her best friends and being one of her favorite people “all over the planet”, but that speech has now changed slightly. It already missed us. When you want more information about relevant news you can access this page 3eighteenmedia.

The pop star does not seem to have liked to read all kinds of comments on social networks that lamented the end of their courtship, some of which went beyond the line of good taste and came closer to reproach. In response, she has decided to unveil the less pleasant aspects of her love story, and that they were a direct consequence of Mac’s addictions, to make those who regret their break-up see that not everything was as beautiful as it seemed from the outside. From the outside everything looks different and clear.

“How absurd that some dare to minimize the self-esteem and worth of women by claiming that someone should remain in a toxic relationship just because the other person wrote an album about her, which is certainly not true, just the song ‘Cinderella’ is about me, I am not a nanny or a mother, and no woman should feel that this is what she should be, I have taken care of her and tried to support her so that she remained sober and I prayed that she would find balance during years (and I will continue to do so, of course), but blaming or trying to embarrass women because of the inability of men to face their problems is intolerable, let’s stop doing it, please, “starts the long statement that has been published Ariana.

Before anyone was quick to point out that she had never talked about these problems while they were together, the interpreter reminded her followers that she also has the right to deal with her personal life in the strictest privacy.

“Of course I did not want to talk about how hard or scary it was while it was happening, it is normal, but that does not mean I was not, I will continue praying with all my heart so that I can overcome it and so that any woman who is in a position similar to this also do it “, he added to make it clear that his initial statements, which made reference to the love he feels towards the rapper, still remain as true as at the time he made them.


Votes 2018

With less than a month to choose who will be the next president of Mexico for six years (hopefully), polls (which are not as effective) mark as a favorite a character of strong contrasts.

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Even if his fans are upset, he knows very little about what they ask him (including expressing himself), and yet he points. Are these the best four men in the country? (Because the woman already gave up, her husband was a heavy slab), if so we are fried, each and every one of them have found their flats, and which more or less have “tail to step on”, although Some will be longer than others, but it will be so, in these elections we will choose at least “Pior” rather than the best, and as the politician Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821) said, “the peoples have the governments they deserve”.

By this time a lot of people know that these elections will be very important for our country, on the one hand (literally to the north) Trump and his nefarious policies, on the south the border that every day expels human beings fleeing their countries looking for a better life, or at least not so worse, violence in several states of our republic, thousands of compatriots in extreme poverty and serious unemployment, as well as lack of credibility in institutions, are bordering us to take measures sometimes unreasonable . There is a choice at the door, we play the future of a nation and this is not a cliché. More than 89 million people will be able to vote in these elections on July 1, making them the largest in the contemporary history of our nation.

Even so, in this election (as in other past) the strongest problem to overcome will be abstentionism, which has been the winner in recent years, distrust, boredom, the satiety of both corrupt politicians, the abandonment of Functional social policies and the protectionism of bad politicians have left the once superparty occupying a sad third place in the preferences of society. Citizen participation decreased in the last three presidential elections, reflecting the indifference of Mexican voters to the elections, (or doubts about the impartiality of the INE or the lack of clear proposals from candidates that attract citizens.

According to the INE, the attendance at the polls has “acceptable” levels, but others consider that it is a sign of the “disenchantment” of the citizens with the policy and the doubts of a large part of society about the realization of a electoral fraud.


The discovery of the DNA double helix

Many people believe that the American biologist James Watson and the English physicist Francis Crick discovered DNA in the 1950s. Actually, this is not the case. Rather, the DNA was first identified in the late 1860s by the Swiss chemist Friedrich Miescher. this news was the most novel of the last century but in the actulidad if you want to have new and renewed information you can visit this site feeds.ramisp.

Then, in the latest versions of Miescher’s discovery, other scientists, in particular, Phoebus Levene and Erwin Chargaff, conducted a series of investigations that revealed more details about the DNA molecule, including the primary components and the ways in which they united one with the other. Without the scientific basis provided by these pioneers, Watson and Crick could never have reached their revolutionary conclusion of 1953: that the DNA molecule exists in the form of a three-dimensional double helix image.

The first piece of the puzzle: Miescher discovers DNA

Few people realize 1869 was a key year in genetic research, because it was the year in which Friedrich Miescher, physiological chemist, first identified what he called “nucleus” within the nuclei of white blood cells . (The term “nuclein” was later changed to “nucleic acid” and finally to “deoxyribonucleic acid,” or “DNA.”) Miescher’s plan was isolated and characterized not by nuclein (which no one at that time realized) ), the components of leukocytes (white blood cells).

Miescher thus arranged for a local surgical surgery to send pus remnants covered with patient bandages, and once he received the bandages, he managed to wash them, filter the leukocytes, and extract and identify the different proteins within the white blood cells. But when he found a substance from the nucleus of cells that have different chemical properties, it became a protein of the protein that was discovered in a new protein. substance (Dahm, 2008). Being the importance of his findings, Miescher wrote: “It is likely that a whole family of molecules with those slight variations that contain phosphorus, are like a group of nuclei, equivalent to proteins” (Wolf, 2003).

More than 50 years before the importance of the discovery of Miescher of nucleic acids was very appreciated by the scientific community. For example, in a 1971 essay on the history of nucleic acid research, Erwin Chargaff points out in 1961 in a retelling of the history of nineteenth-century science, Charles Darwin was mentioned 31 times, Thomas Huxley 14 times, but Miescher not even once. This omission is all the more remarkable, since, like Chargaff also, the discovery of nucleic acids was the only one among the major cellular components (ie, proteins, lipids, polysaccharides and nucleic acids) that can be “precisely dated … [ like] a man, a place, a date. “

Breaking News

Marco Antonio Sotomayor Amezcua still Secretary of Public Security of Tijuana that has an impressive record of violent deaths in the time leading the secretary, 1,780 deaths in 2017 and almost 800 in this 2018. For new and true news this page can be your best ally citizenservicebeforeselfhonors.

Sotomayor a Tijuana lawyer who belongs to the National Action Party and this would be the reason why he was named State Director of the Control, Command, Communication and Computing Center better known by C4 of the Secretary of Public Security of the State of Baja California SSPE, 2006 to 2012.

Subsequently he was appointed Assistant Secretary of State Public Security by Daniel de la Rosa, time in which he was complicit in a large number of kidnappings, extortion, torture, drug robbery, rape and even murder by “El Cartel de los Pepos” in all of Baja California.

He is currently related to José Roque García from Barrio Logan in San Diego, California, who is said to be the main leader of the Arellano Felix Cartel and to be the main responsible for the wave of kidnappings, assaults, extortions and murders in Tijuana.

Investigations of the Specialized Deputy Attorney’s Office in Organized Crime Investigation (SEIDO) of Mexico and the Administration for Drug Control (DEA) of the United States mention that Roque Garcia operates in broad daylight and in the busiest areas of the city.

In vehicles pick-up type white, double cabin, with tinted windows very similar to those used by State Ministerial Agents of Baja California, as well as those used by State Preventive Police and Municipal Police of the Intelligence Group to perform their criminal acts with the total complicity of the Municipal Police.

Sotomayor that recently declared before the media that it was a lie the rebound of kidnappings in the city something that caused annoyance among the Tijuana residents since both the kidnapping, extortion and murders is something that has uncovered insecurity to the point that businessmen and merchants have started to leave the city desperately seeking his safety.


Benefits Of Having A Dog For Our Heart

We have already spoken on other occasions about how having pets can improve our physical and mental health. Today we are going to talk about a pet and a particular organ: dogs and the heart. Even doctors agree with the fact that having a dog improves heart health. If you have a puppy and you have children at home it is equally important that you take care of your health and that of your pet so you can access this interesting website that will advise you boozynyc.


We already know how many good things dogs give us: love, fidelity, loyalty and unconditional love. Dogs help to quench our loneliness and “force” us to exercise. All this makes our health and our minds improve. Let’s look at the checks that experts have made on how having a pet improves our heart.


Discovery of the benefits of having a dog for our heart


The Spanish Heart Foundation has admitted that the discoveries made and embodied in an article by the American Heart Association are completely true. These findings show that having a dog reduces cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, improves blood pressure levels and prevents overweight.


Why? It can not be said that the simple fact of having a dog improves our heart magically. But it is true that having a dog encourages us to do more exercise and improve our mental health, which allows us to stop being hiponcondriacos and always thinking about the discomfort we have or could have.


Other studies

There were other studies many years ago that demonstrated the benefits of having a dog for our heart. People who had suffered some type of cardiac alteration quadrupled their chance of survival by living with a dog. Meanwhile, those who did not have a dog were 4 times more likely to have another attack.


In Japan it was found that people who had a dog were much closer to complying with the recommended average of exercise, which greatly reduces the risks of obesity, cholesterol and heart disease.


For whom are the benefits of having a dog?


The benefits of having a dog are for everyone. It has been proven to help children with asthma, to the elderly and in this article we have seen evidence that the benefits of having a dog also apply to our heart.

This last benefit has a lot to do with those people between 18 to 64 years old who according to the WHO do not perform the amount of recommended exercise to stay healthy. These should meet an average of 150 minutes per week of exercise, and although having a dog will not achieve that goal, it will bring them closer to her.


Benefits Of Having A Cat

According to historians, cats were worshiped as gods at any given time. The cat was originally domesticated by the Egyptians and had to work to survive. They hunted rodents and snakes to help protect homes, but also to protect the grains they planted. If you want to be a connoisseur of medical issues and the benefits of having a kitten at home you can access the following information hope4la.

In return, humans fed them and eventually invited them to their homes. Over time, the Egyptians and their rulers noticed the resemblance between their cats and the statue of their goddess and began the adoration of cats.


I’ve already told you about my special love for cats. Those of us who enjoy your company, usually, have more than one because it is easy to add another with the minimum of alteration. While one or two dogs make a happy family, five or six could be an asylum. Here I offer some points of why cats are a fabulous alternative as pets.

Cats do not need much space, of course, enough to comfortably have their supplies. Two or three cats can get along well in a small apartment. If you live rented, you may get more options as a cat versus dog owner, as tenants see a cat more favorably because it does not make a noise, usually does not leave the apartment and there are fewer required arrangements for damages once the tenant leaves. .

In general, having a cat is less expensive than a dog, basically because of its size. All costs related from adoption, veterinary care, food and even toys, tend to be lower. Cats are totally comfortable with spending the day doing nothing, relaxing and sleeping until their owner returns from work. You do not have to hire anyone to come and walk or attend during the day.

They live happily at home without having to go outside. As long as a cat has everything necessary to keep it comfortable and stimulated inside the home, such as fresh air through an open window, toys and a point where they can look outside and observe nature, they do not have to leave. For this reason, a cat is perfect for families with limited mobility or with limited time to go on long walks with a dog.

They are natural hunters and pursue everything that moves from flies, cockroaches and of course rats. A home free of pests is definitely a benefit of having cats. It is said that the mere smell of cat keeps rodents away.

Benefits Of Running During Pregnancy

For many years, pregnant women have been advised to refrain from any type of physical activity. It was thought that such an effort would be detrimental to both the mother and the baby. However, times change and science investigates, and draws its own conclusions. To be more informed about medical issues and diseases you can access savepineridge is important because your life depends on your health.


Today, doctors recommend women who exercised before becoming pregnant, to continue their sport during pregnancy, although with a lower intensity. But what benefits does this bring?


Recent studies show that physical activity positively affects both pregnant women and those who are not pregnant with the same benefits. While being fit and strong is one of the main goals of the vast majority of women, few are those who think that running should be taken into account as well. On the one hand, it is not advisable to start a new routine of vigorous exercise during pregnancy. In any case, it may be necessary to decrease a little at the same time as the pregnancy progresses.


According to Collins, these benefits not only affect the time of delivery, but also during the 9 months of pregnancy. During that time, the woman suffers from headaches, leg cramps, insomnia … Collins says that in each of his pregnancies (a total of 3) went out to run more and more time. This helped him sleep peacefully at night, he had more energy the next day and the cramps disappeared.


Doctors agree that exercise can improve and / or prevent some of the most common diseases associated with pregnancy. This creates a much healthier and possibly safer experience.


A recent study published by the Institute of Movement Sciences and Sports Medicine of the University of Ginegra (Switzerland), found that physical activity practiced on a regular basis proved to bring benefits to both the mother and the fetus. Positive effects on the mother included:


Raising a healthy child from the start


The benefits of staying physically active during pregnancy do not just stop at mothers. Babies can also experience several positive results. From the Geneva study it can be stated that: “the benefits of the fetus include a decrease in fat mass, an improvement in stress tolerance, and advanced neurobehavioral maturation”. In any case, this does not apply to 100% of women. Each woman is different, and together with your doctor, you must create an individualized approach to your body and organism.