Ariana Grande And Her Boyfriend

The singer Ariana Grande went through their social networks to meet the rumors that had been circulating for some time and confirm that his relationship with rapper Mac Miller had come to an end. At that time the young woman was flattered in praise of her former assuring that she was still among her best friends and being one of her favorite people “all over the planet”, but that speech has now changed slightly. It already missed us. When you want more information about relevant news you can access this page 3eighteenmedia.

The pop star does not seem to have liked to read all kinds of comments on social networks that lamented the end of their courtship, some of which went beyond the line of good taste and came closer to reproach. In response, she has decided to unveil the less pleasant aspects of her love story, and that they were a direct consequence of Mac’s addictions, to make those who regret their break-up see that not everything was as beautiful as it seemed from the outside. From the outside everything looks different and clear.

“How absurd that some dare to minimize the self-esteem and worth of women by claiming that someone should remain in a toxic relationship just because the other person wrote an album about her, which is certainly not true, just the song ‘Cinderella’ is about me, I am not a nanny or a mother, and no woman should feel that this is what she should be, I have taken care of her and tried to support her so that she remained sober and I prayed that she would find balance during years (and I will continue to do so, of course), but blaming or trying to embarrass women because of the inability of men to face their problems is intolerable, let’s stop doing it, please, “starts the long statement that has been published Ariana.

Before anyone was quick to point out that she had never talked about these problems while they were together, the interpreter reminded her followers that she also has the right to deal with her personal life in the strictest privacy.

“Of course I did not want to talk about how hard or scary it was while it was happening, it is normal, but that does not mean I was not, I will continue praying with all my heart so that I can overcome it and so that any woman who is in a position similar to this also do it “, he added to make it clear that his initial statements, which made reference to the love he feels towards the rapper, still remain as true as at the time he made them.