Benefits Of Having A Cat

According to historians, cats were worshiped as gods at any given time. The cat was originally domesticated by the Egyptians and had to work to survive. They hunted rodents and snakes to help protect homes, but also to protect the grains they planted. If you want to be a connoisseur of medical issues and the benefits of having a kitten at home you can access the following information hope4la.

In return, humans fed them and eventually invited them to their homes. Over time, the Egyptians and their rulers noticed the resemblance between their cats and the statue of their goddess and began the adoration of cats.


I’ve already told you about my special love for cats. Those of us who enjoy your company, usually, have more than one because it is easy to add another with the minimum of alteration. While one or two dogs make a happy family, five or six could be an asylum. Here I offer some points of why cats are a fabulous alternative as pets.

Cats do not need much space, of course, enough to comfortably have their supplies. Two or three cats can get along well in a small apartment. If you live rented, you may get more options as a cat versus dog owner, as tenants see a cat more favorably because it does not make a noise, usually does not leave the apartment and there are fewer required arrangements for damages once the tenant leaves. .

In general, having a cat is less expensive than a dog, basically because of its size. All costs related from adoption, veterinary care, food and even toys, tend to be lower. Cats are totally comfortable with spending the day doing nothing, relaxing and sleeping until their owner returns from work. You do not have to hire anyone to come and walk or attend during the day.

They live happily at home without having to go outside. As long as a cat has everything necessary to keep it comfortable and stimulated inside the home, such as fresh air through an open window, toys and a point where they can look outside and observe nature, they do not have to leave. For this reason, a cat is perfect for families with limited mobility or with limited time to go on long walks with a dog.

They are natural hunters and pursue everything that moves from flies, cockroaches and of course rats. A home free of pests is definitely a benefit of having cats. It is said that the mere smell of cat keeps rodents away.