Benefits Of Having A Dog For Our Heart

We have already spoken on other occasions about how having pets can improve our physical and mental health. Today we are going to talk about a pet and a particular organ: dogs and the heart. Even doctors agree with the fact that having a dog improves heart health. If you have a puppy and you have children at home it is equally important that you take care of your health and that of your pet so you can access this interesting website that will advise you boozynyc.


We already know how many good things dogs give us: love, fidelity, loyalty and unconditional love. Dogs help to quench our loneliness and “force” us to exercise. All this makes our health and our minds improve. Let’s look at the checks that experts have made on how having a pet improves our heart.


Discovery of the benefits of having a dog for our heart


The Spanish Heart Foundation has admitted that the discoveries made and embodied in an article by the American Heart Association are completely true. These findings show that having a dog reduces cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, improves blood pressure levels and prevents overweight.


Why? It can not be said that the simple fact of having a dog improves our heart magically. But it is true that having a dog encourages us to do more exercise and improve our mental health, which allows us to stop being hiponcondriacos and always thinking about the discomfort we have or could have.


Other studies

There were other studies many years ago that demonstrated the benefits of having a dog for our heart. People who had suffered some type of cardiac alteration quadrupled their chance of survival by living with a dog. Meanwhile, those who did not have a dog were 4 times more likely to have another attack.


In Japan it was found that people who had a dog were much closer to complying with the recommended average of exercise, which greatly reduces the risks of obesity, cholesterol and heart disease.


For whom are the benefits of having a dog?


The benefits of having a dog are for everyone. It has been proven to help children with asthma, to the elderly and in this article we have seen evidence that the benefits of having a dog also apply to our heart.

This last benefit has a lot to do with those people between 18 to 64 years old who according to the WHO do not perform the amount of recommended exercise to stay healthy. These should meet an average of 150 minutes per week of exercise, and although having a dog will not achieve that goal, it will bring them closer to her.