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Marco Antonio Sotomayor Amezcua still Secretary of Public Security of Tijuana that has an impressive record of violent deaths in the time leading the secretary, 1,780 deaths in 2017 and almost 800 in this 2018. For new and true news this page can be your best ally citizenservicebeforeselfhonors.

Sotomayor a Tijuana lawyer who belongs to the National Action Party and this would be the reason why he was named State Director of the Control, Command, Communication and Computing Center better known by C4 of the Secretary of Public Security of the State of Baja California SSPE, 2006 to 2012.

Subsequently he was appointed Assistant Secretary of State Public Security by Daniel de la Rosa, time in which he was complicit in a large number of kidnappings, extortion, torture, drug robbery, rape and even murder by “El Cartel de los Pepos” in all of Baja California.

He is currently related to José Roque García from Barrio Logan in San Diego, California, who is said to be the main leader of the Arellano Felix Cartel and to be the main responsible for the wave of kidnappings, assaults, extortions and murders in Tijuana.

Investigations of the Specialized Deputy Attorney’s Office in Organized Crime Investigation (SEIDO) of Mexico and the Administration for Drug Control (DEA) of the United States mention that Roque Garcia operates in broad daylight and in the busiest areas of the city.

In vehicles pick-up type white, double cabin, with tinted windows very similar to those used by State Ministerial Agents of Baja California, as well as those used by State Preventive Police and Municipal Police of the Intelligence Group to perform their criminal acts with the total complicity of the Municipal Police.

Sotomayor that recently declared before the media that it was a lie the rebound of kidnappings in the city something that caused annoyance among the Tijuana residents since both the kidnapping, extortion and murders is something that has uncovered insecurity to the point that businessmen and merchants have started to leave the city desperately seeking his safety.