How to have perfect abs in two weeks

In 15 days you go on vacation? Have you noticed that your best friend marries in June? Do you want to look good to wear tops in the summer? Some may think that it is already a little late to have a flat and marked belly, but that is not true. Check out this emergency plan on how to have perfect abs in two weeks. Find out more in the next article. if you wanna do a perfect body and perfect health you can visit this page cabusinessdefense.

If you think it is impossible to have a well-marked abs within two weeks, you’d better start training right now. Your belly can look as if you had spent the last six months in the gym (something that would have come to you wonders, but you always found the perfect excuse to postpone it) with just two weeks of hard training.

You have to be well determined and committed to meet the goal in the stipulated time. Also follow to the letter the routine that we propose in this article. In a few days, the results will be more than obvious.

Let’s start with food, more than important in your life not only to have a flat stomach, but to feel good and not get sick. Since the waist and abdomen are two areas where you usually accumulate a lot of fat for what you eat, it is good to pay attention to your diet from now on. An example of a day’s feeding could be:

Fasting: Choose between a glass of cranberry juice, a cup of warm green tea, the juice of a lemon or a juice of Goji berries.
Breakfast: Allow half an hour to pass from the intake of the previous drink and then, yes, breakfast. You can choose between a plate of papaya with a cup of oatmeal or a plate of pineapple with a cereal bar (without chocolate).
Mid morning: You can eat a banana, an orange or an apple. If you have some time, prepare a smoothie with a carrot and a branch of celery.
Lunch: It is allowed a hot dish (it can be defatted soup or a stew without meats, for example) accompanied with a salad of raw vegetables. Then, when finished, a cup of green, red or horehound tea.
Snack: Drink a natural fruit juice of your choice (you can combine several according to your taste). If you have a lot of appetite, opt for a cereal bar or an unpeeled apple.
Dinner: Eat a bowl of soup or broth, half baked potato with a little olive oil and a cup of oatmeal with almond milk or birdseed.
Before sleeping: Two apples, which will help you to purify your body and not to be hungry during the night.