Therapy To Deal With Fame

British actress Daisy Ridley became famous after her appearance in the movie Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force, in 2015, so she suddenly had to face the pressure of fame. “Star Wars took me to therapy,” the actress, 25, confessed in an interview with the English newspaper The Telegraph, in which she said that last year she sought psychological help for a period of six months.

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“Everything was very confusing, people recognized me and I still do not know how to deal with it, my skin could be fatal because of my nerves, I was devastated, I felt continually observed and self-conscious,” she said. When Ridley got the role of King in 2014 she was a complete stranger on the Internet. After confirming his participation in the most important franchise in the history of cinema, it was evident that it would be one of the most recognized faces on the planet. The insistence of the fans with her reached such a point that many of them stayed in the doorway to get autographs. Her mother was a crucial support in those moments, when after those episodes of harassment she called her with “tears of hysteria” because “she was not prepared to endure that”. Finally, she ended up going to therapy: “I felt tiny because I was obsessed with being recognized, I want to dance for life, not sneak away”. He also received advice from the cast. In fact, Carrie Fisher, who died last December, told her once to never talk about her love life, since it would be very complicated to have a relationship as a Star Wars star. “Do not give anyone the opportunity to say: I slept with Princess Leia,” he said in confidence and Ridley takes it to the letter. He never talks about his romances. In addition, Ridley said he suffered from harassment in the networks, so he decided to remove his accounts on Instagram and Twitter. “Suddenly I thought: ‘In what world do we live that what is said online affects us so much?’. My confidence was greatly damaged, “he explained.


Some celebrities can not stand it as well as others


Days before his sudden death, actor Cory Monteith had spoken openly about his drug problem, which ultimately led to his death; but the Glee star also had other battles.

According to People magazine, Cory had problems dealing with the fame acquired through the program:

“Fame was difficult for him, it was something he knew he deserved, but somehow, he never knew how to deal with it,” said a friend.

Another problem that also comes with fame was the lifestyle, which Cory had to adapt to socialize with his castmates:

“They worked hard and feasted too much. They took advantage of his fame. “