Votes 2018

With less than a month to choose who will be the next president of Mexico for six years (hopefully), polls (which are not as effective) mark as a favorite a character of strong contrasts.

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Even if his fans are upset, he knows very little about what they ask him (including expressing himself), and yet he points. Are these the best four men in the country? (Because the woman already gave up, her husband was a heavy slab), if so we are fried, each and every one of them have found their flats, and which more or less have “tail to step on”, although Some will be longer than others, but it will be so, in these elections we will choose at least “Pior” rather than the best, and as the politician Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821) said, “the peoples have the governments they deserve”.

By this time a lot of people know that these elections will be very important for our country, on the one hand (literally to the north) Trump and his nefarious policies, on the south the border that every day expels human beings fleeing their countries looking for a better life, or at least not so worse, violence in several states of our republic, thousands of compatriots in extreme poverty and serious unemployment, as well as lack of credibility in institutions, are bordering us to take measures sometimes unreasonable . There is a choice at the door, we play the future of a nation and this is not a cliché. More than 89 million people will be able to vote in these elections on July 1, making them the largest in the contemporary history of our nation.

Even so, in this election (as in other past) the strongest problem to overcome will be abstentionism, which has been the winner in recent years, distrust, boredom, the satiety of both corrupt politicians, the abandonment of Functional social policies and the protectionism of bad politicians have left the once superparty occupying a sad third place in the preferences of society. Citizen participation decreased in the last three presidential elections, reflecting the indifference of Mexican voters to the elections, (or doubts about the impartiality of the INE or the lack of clear proposals from candidates that attract citizens.

According to the INE, the attendance at the polls has “acceptable” levels, but others consider that it is a sign of the “disenchantment” of the citizens with the policy and the doubts of a large part of society about the realization of a electoral fraud.